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Play Patterns

Play Patterns is a strategy for the design and implementation of physical art works, commissioned from artists and craftspeople, to create a route from the residential streets of the Trumpington Meadows development through to the Country Park.

The art works will be a series of interventions as invitations, cues and provocations to the adult and the child to engage imaginatively and physically with the environment of the Country Park and with the immediate social and cultural grain of the neighbourhood.

Each of the Play Patterns art works will be an ‘Object of Affordance’ – a physical intervention as an open-ended and non-determined invitation to the adult and to the child to inhabit the landscape through play and through the imagination. The art works may take the form of both a 'figure' and the 'ground'.

'Figure' means the making and placing of discrete objects that set up an imaginative and provocative internal (or external) speculation about the relationship between things and the relationship between yourself and place.

'Ground' means interventions that provide a framing of the landscape, or the social or cultural environment, or provide a platform for acting, either metaphysically or literally, in the landscape or neighbourhood, and where the participant themselves becomes part of the work as spectacle.

muf architecture/art

Since 1994 muf architecture/art has established a reputation for pioneering and innovative projects that address the social, spatial and economic infrastructures of the public realm. muf are specialists in public realm architecture and art. The practice philosophy is driven by an ambition to realize the potential pleasures that exist at the intersection between the lived and the built. The creative process is underpinned by a capacity to establish effective client relationships that reveal and value the desires and experience of varied constituencies.

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